5 kW Grid-tied Solar

5 kW Grid-tied Solar

This system size is preferable for homes with
PhP 12,000 – PhP 15,000 monthly electricity bills. 
What can I power with this size?
  • (2-3) 0.5HP- 1HP airconditioner


  • (2) Refrigerator
  • (4) TV
  • Lights and electric fans
  • Washing machine


Starts at PhP 455,000

*Exlcusive of 12% VAT


Price will change depending on the roof and equipment preference.

Average Savings

PhP 6,600 per month!


*Average monthly savings at 4.5 hrs Solar Insolation


7 Years


After the 7th year of production, all electricity produced will be your savings

SAVINGS at 25 Yrs

1,500,000.00 PhP

Your total Savings after 25 years

*Computed with the projected electricity cost increase per year

What is included in the package?

5 kW Package comes with:

  1. 20 pcs 250 W Solar Panels
    • Panels would occupy approx. 32 sqm of your roof
  2. 5 kW On-Grid Inverter
  3. Mounting Materials
  4. Full Installation
  5. Net metering paper work assistance*

*Payment and processing of net metering is not included




Because every home is different, we can personalize every quotation to suit you best. Contact us so that we can give you more information about the size that will fit your home.