About Us


EnDev Solutions Philippines, Inc. specializes in renewable and sustainable energy solutions for homes and businesses. We provide our clients the means to save significantly on electricity costs by utilizing natural energy sources such as solar, wind, and others; which also makes them more environment friendly. We currently specialize in solar installations and consultation for both residential and commercial use.


All our projects and installations are managed by a solid group of licensed engineers. We work together with our sister construction company with more than 29 years of experience in construction and electrical systems and have completed many big-scale projects in the Philippines and other countries. We come with a highly competent structural team composed of Civil Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Architects and others. Our President and CEO, Daphne Landoy, is internationally educated with a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering specializing in Energy Systems from the University of New South Wales in Sydney Australia; this together with her Electronics and Communications Engineering degree from the Ateneo de Manila University. With these combined team credentials, our clients can rest assured that our entire team are professionals and are licensed in their fields.


Our passion is clean energy. More than the business side of things, we have dedicated our lives to the education, practice, promotion and continuous improvement of renewable energy development. We are not simply entrepreneurs who chanced upon a feasible business idea. Instead, we do this because we truly believe in the purpose of sustainable energy and the benefits that it can bring to everyone. We know that it is the future of energy, and that now is the time for the Philippines to adapt and embrace it. Most progressive countries have already capitalized and are already enjoying the benefits of renewable energy such as the USA, Germany, Japan and many more. EnDev Solutions have brought these very same technologies to the country for the Filipino to now benefit from.


Whether you are a family with a home requiring just 1 kilowatt of solar power or a business with bigger multi-facet requirements, EnDev Solutions is here to power your home or business at a cost that will be more beneficial to you in the long term. With the cost of power in the Philippines being one of the highest in the world per kilowatt, it is but more practical to invest in a renewable energy system that will result in more savings and faster Return of Investment.


EnDev Solutions Philippines – Sustainable Energy Development for the Filipino!